Baby Raylee's Story

My name is Raylee Jayne Hinton and this is my story, for everyone to see.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Easter 2007

Well Easter was a blast. We had the annual Arrington Easter Egg hunt, As you can see Raylee was guarding her eggs. She loved trying to find the hidden eggs. Her dress was adorable and she looked so cute over easter.

Playing with Friends and Cousins in March

Raylee loves playing with her friends and cousins. In the first picture she is playing with her friend Livia Niu and in the last picture it is her and her close friend the black bear. The middle three pictures are of her hanging out with her cousins Garison and Payton. She loves doing stuff with them.

St Patrick's Day 2007

She loved getting all dressed up and playing a leprechaun. She found gold in our little treasure hunt we had. I couldn't get those beads off her for the life of me. She loved playing with them.

Trip to the Phoenix Zoo

Raylee loved going to the zoo and seeing all the different animals. She loved the sting ray exhibit. The first picture is of her trying to touch one of them. She also enjoyed the free rides she got from her mom and dad.

Swimming for the first time

Raylee definitely loves the water. It was her first time getting into a swimming pool and she loved it!!!! She didn't really want to get out, at least not until Mom got out and then she wanted to. She even knew how to kick her feet.

March 2007 Pictures

Here are some Pictures from March 2007. This is also when she first started to hold the bottle on her own. She was just over 4 months old. Crazy huh. She is our little princess!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Feb 2007 Misc Pics

Here are some fun pictures of Raylee. The last two are of her trying to eat rice cereal with a spoon for the first time. As you can see it got all over the place, but she was happy to eat it. She also loves here play time in the bath and as you can see she is Daddy's little princess.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Raylee's baby blessing

Feb. 4th will be remembered as a special day. It is the day that Raylee Jayne Hinton was blessed. Thanks to all the family who came and supported us and Raylee. Even though we had to put it off for another month because of her sickness, we made it. Raylee was so beautiful that day.

New Photos from Jan 2007

After surviving RSV, here some different pictures of our little girl. She is playing with her friend Quincy and you can see that she is just like her mom and wants to be a nurse.

Raylee in the hospital for RSV

January 7 2007. New Years day we took her to urgent care and they thought she just had a cold. We then went back on Thursday to the Doctor's office and they thought she had pnemonia. After all the xrays and tests, she didn't have pnemonia. Although her oxygen levels were to low, so she got her first ambulance ride to Banner Desert Hospital. It was a rough five days in the hospital because Raylee got RSV. She was a real trooper through everything. It was really hard to have to watch her get suctioned to remove the mucus from her lungs and to watch them put the IV in. It was great to have all the family support. Her RSV made us have to put off her baby blessing until next month. Those pictures will follow. Here are some of the pictures from the hospital.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas morning 2006!

I woke up super early Christmas morning because I was hungry. I then wanted to go back to sleep but my mom and dad dragged me into the living room to open up gifts! I forgot it was Christmas! DO you like my new P.J.'s? Mom made them for me. She wanted us to all match and all day we were called the dot family. Now one of my nicknames is Dottie!

She already loves football!

She already loves football like her daddy! She even dreams about football. We got to watch the Las Vegas Bowl with the Hinton family. Mom and Dad's favorite team was playing BYU. We had to dress up for the occasion to cheer them on. BYU crushed Oregon. GO COUGARS!!!

Christmas Eve 2006!

I couldn't help but sleep on Christmas Eve so Christmas would come faster! I dreamed that Santa came and I got a present. Grandma and Grandpa great was there too! All the family was there and we had a talent show, lots of food, and a nativity scene! What a great way to start Christmas.

Christmas with the Catmull's